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Preservation of the name "Dr.-Karl-Lueger Platz"

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We, the signed citizens, demand that the city of Vienna and its associated institutions take appropriate steps to prevent the renaming of Dr. Karl Lueger Platz. The section of the Ring road, which is named after him, was renamed on the recommendation of a commission set up by the city, which also had to question the street names and their associated importance, because of its professed anti-Semitism. Nevertheless, one must be truthful about the importance of progress in its tenure, from 1897 to 1910, the city and what great social facilities could be built by it: the gas and electricity supply, the tramway, the 2nd Viennese High-source pipeline or, for example, the psychiatric hospital Steinhof and the supply home Lainz.


Given the historical importance of these structures and the conviction that the associated naming of the place named after him with his monument on it is a key element for a long-term, sustainable historiography in a Cultural, which is quite a conscious city of its past, we call on the city of Vienna to find a suitable alternative for any planned naming.

Supplementary note: Anyone who wants to get an idea of why a renaming should be, may find more information in the commentary by Edwin Baumgarten from 25.01.2018 published in the Wiener Zeitung.

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  • It is with regret to see how little the fellow human beings and also some directly affected, maintain a crucial part of a lasting to the present lasting city history, even if, as in this case has met with a very large hearing. As it was not possible to reach a minimum number of 500 supporters for submitting petitions, this has to be considered a failure.
    Thanks to all those who wanted to preserve history for future generations.

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