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Permanent contracts for successful researchers

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278 supporters
16% achieved 1,700 for collection target
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We propose a model (see attached, in German) for our goal of permanent employment for scientists who raise their own funding. The individual risk would be insured by TU Wien. With our model, a comparatively large number of permanent positions can be created at TU Wien for a modest expense.

Link to our career model:


Paragraph 109 UG (University Law) updated in 2021 enforces a change of institution (often abroad) or an end to the scientific career if there is no permanent employment. Several hundred scientists of all ages are affected by this at TU Wien. In particular, there are also scientists affected who successfully acquire third-party funding for themselves and PhD positions. These scientists are professionally established, have research experience, and are well-networked. Their leaving would seriously damage TU Wien and affect its attractiveness as an employer.

Thank you for your support, Stefan Ohrhallinger from Wien
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The Kettevertragsregelung is a disgrace, an embarrassment, punishes talented researchers who through pure luck (or lack of it) fail to secure a permanent university position. Besides the personal cost to dedicated scientists, large amounts of third party funding are lost to universities, Austria is developing a poor international reputation as a scientific location is developing, all because some politicians think that people will become "lazy" by getting a permanent contract. Total !@#$!. I strongly hope this petition brings some momentum with it.

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