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Override mandatory registration! Make our gastronomy free again without data collecting!

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The COVID law in 2020 also brought a mandatory guest registration in the Austrian gastronomy.

This is to become necessary also when outdoor dining/al fresco (e.g.

pub garden, Austrian 'Schanigarten')!

At the moment the COVID-19 opening decree is in place.

We don't want an all-seeing (spying) state, contact tracing could not prevent the 2nd lockdown and it will not be able to prevent further lockdowns!

The National Council may decide...

the decree or the law on the mandatory registration(Registrierungspflicht) in the gastronomy shall be override immediately (at the latest at the beginning of summer 2021).


The outbreak of the Corona pandemic is terrible, we understand most of the measures taken by governments in the Western world to contain it!

On the other hand, it is completely excessive to have a digital vaccination passport and or testing PCR (molecular biological) colloquial "gurgling test" / living room tests "nasal swab tests" and also to register personal data.

This is to become necessary in 2021 even Outdoor("Schanigärten", pub garden) thus al fresco without mask in the fresh air:

(FYI: All web pages listed are in german language)

Also compared to the mandatory registration that was in place in 2020, the date of birth will now also be checked. According to the COVID 19 - Opening Regulation (from May 19, 2021). In case of necessarity the host, operator of recreational facilities etc. must namely check personal data!

see here:

From a data protection point of view, guest registration is highly questionable!

In an article of the "Standard" it was thematized that since last year more and more areas of our lives are controlled.

"Werden wir seit Corona mehr überwacht?"("Are we being monitored more since Corona?"):

As relevant websites report, "gastroregistration" also collides with the compliance of the GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) in some places.

For me and many other people the lockdown and every change that has came so far since then have been a cruel cut in the social entity.

I know from my past places like the Viennese coffee house Bellaria in the 1st Viennese district that had to close in 2021 as a result of the lockdowns.

We have had an extreme amount of changes and hardly anyone can keep track of them.

So I appeal to those who read this and think to themselves "what does it matter?":

A small change that can be for the positive that there is again economic upswing for those who want to keep their privacy but still want to look into the gastronomy at times!

Whether it's a cold beer in midsummer, an (iced) coffee in the shade and an Austrian specialty that makes your mouth water, that we want to be able to enjoy without worrying about what could happen to my data in the meantime ...

Do you want this change too?

Then please sign, 500 signatures are my goal, that's twice as many as there are National Council members, and after all, it's our votes that made them the National Council members our representatives!

Stay safe and thanks for supporting us!

Thank you for your support

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  • Dear supporter!

    Thank you for supporting our previous petition.

    Unluckily after we had economical issues and freedom of travel was disband and limited (vaccination passports we remember them all) now our peace in the European Union is at stake.

    So what do we do? I don't know. But if its good forcsomething I started a petition to end it. before it escalates further:

    You are once again invited to help us. Thank you for you're precious time!!letsstopawar

    Kind regards

  • test

  • Lieber Unterstützender!

    Sie erinnern sich vielleicht oder auch nicht:
    Wegen der Stadt-Wien(SPÖ) blieb die Registrierungspflicht in Kraft.

    Und nun hat die SPÖ unter Führung von Dr. Rendi-Wagner außerdem der Bundesregierung bei der Impfpflicht zugestimmt.

    Was indirekt einem baldiges 1G in der Gastronomie zusätzlich bringen könnte, früher oder später...

    Sie wollen dagegen was unternommen, einen Denkzettel erteilen? Ich auch.
    Wir empfehlen das #rendirücktrittsbegehren

    Währenddessen... further

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