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European Class Action for the Verbraucherschutzverein (VSV)

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In Section 29 of the Consumer Protection Act, legislators list those organizations which are allowed to bring collective actions. The Consumer Protection Association (VSV) is a consumer organisation independent of the state and the economy, which also seeks to be allowed to bring collective actions.

We want to supplement § 29 KScHG with the Consumer Protection Association.


The EU Injunction Directive and the EU Directive on Collective Redress to be implemented within two years provide that EU Member States report the lawsuit-related consumer organisations twice a year. The EU list is idR prerequisite for leading cross-border collective actions. Unlike AK or VKI, the VSV is committed to consumer rights worldwide and already has over 3000 members from all over the world. In order to be able to sue effectively - especially in the case of mass damage (diesel gate, Ischgl, life insurance, Eurogine,...) - the lawsuit legitimation in § 29 KScHG is required.

Thank you for your support, Peter Kolba from Wien
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  • Liebe Unterstützer*innen!
    Dear Suborters!

    Die Petition wurde mit über 3500 Unterschriften erfolgreich beendet. Der Verbraucherschutzverein (VSV) wird die Petition nunmehr im österreichischen Nationalrat einbringen.
    Wir danken für Eure Unterstützung und werden weiter berichten.

    The petition was successfully terminated with over 3500 signatures. The Consumer Protection Association (VSV) will now present the petition in the Austrian National Council.
    We thank you for your support and will continue to report.

    Beste Grüße
    Kind regards
    Peter Kolba
    Obmann des Verbraucherschutzvereines

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