Petition to the Rectorate of the University of Vienna Academic Senate of the University of Vienna Academic Council of the University of Vienna Dean's Office of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies Director of the Institute for Art History

Vienna, December 2018


Magnificence! Spectabilis! Dear Sir or Madam,

The employment of Prof. Noit Banai at the Department of Art History in Vienna comes to an end with the 2019 summer term. In the past five years, Prof. Banai has taken what was an unspecific §99 professorship in the field of research, theory and teaching and has transformed it into something worthy of becoming an academic chair for contemporary art. With the termination of her employment, we students of this department are confronted with tangible challenges and pressing questions. Therefore, we see an urgent need for action.

We students will lose the opportunity to specialize in the field of contemporary art. The imminent departure of Prof. Banai will not only affect those whose ongoing master theses she supervises but also the art history department in general, which—previously dedicated to the expansion of art genres and their boundaries as well as the merging of theory and practice—will lose an entire field of study.

The examination of contemporary art and its practices involves a great breadth of knowledge and heightened sensibilities, which continuously expand the methodological and content-related framework of traditional narratives of art history. A globalized (art) world requires open, interdisciplinary, feminist and decolonialised discourses that deal with current developments and apply new methods of scientific analysis, along with more conventional approaches. With its long tradition of being a leader in the field of art history, dating back to the Vienna School of Art History and even earlier, the Department of Art History at the University of Vienna has a responsibility to incorporate these new methodologies to retain its academic reputation.

Currently, the Department of Art History does not have an academic chair for contemporary art. If the department wishes to keep pace with international developments, it must offer a comprehensive range of courses. Only an independent professorship for contemporary art can meet the demands of participating in the very latest developments in the study, teaching and research of contemporary art in its international context. Thus, we consider the establishment of such an academic chair an absolute necessity as well as a great opportunity for students and professors alike, and for future art historians, curators, theoreticians, critics, art mediators and exhibition designers, to form a solid basis for their actions in a continually evolving art and professional world.


During her years at the University of Vienna, Prof. Banai has demonstrated her pioneering approach, not only in her teaching, but also in her exceptional engagement with her students as well as in her development of networks with Viennese and international art circles, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. This has required a methodology that goes beyond established approaches and instead uses models based on contemporary theories. Many Austrian and international students have embraced these methods with great enthusiasm. The large number of master theses supervised by Prof. Banai provide evidence of the steadily growing interest in this field. Due to the impending termination of her employment, however, no new master candidates for contemporary art may be accepted at this point.

It is regrettable that there has been no dialogue with students concerning these issues. Because neither the creation of a professorship for contemporary art nor continuity in the research and teaching of this subject on the part of the department are in sight, we see an urgent need to become active ourselves. Therefore we respectfully request:

  1. The establishment of a permanent Professorship for Contemporary Art in the Department of Art History at the University of Vienna.
  2. The appointment of Prof. Banai to this new professorship.
  3. An assurance of the continuity of research and teaching in contemporary art by extending the current contract of Prof. Banai until this new professorship has been established and staffed.

We thank you for your support.


Baris Acar, Chrstina Anderle, Blanka Böcskei, Doris Brandecker-Knerer, Christoph Chwatal, Stefanie Fridrik, Jacqueline Grassmann, Fanny Hauser, Kathrin Heinrich, Leon Hösl, Asija Ismailovski, Alexandra Freya Issel, Julia Jarrett, Yulia Kopr, Eva Kovač, Miljana Mirović, Larissa Mohr, Ulrike Payerhofer, Marie Perriard, Gregor Pirgie, Laleh Pourkhataee Monsef, Sophie Publig, Charlotte Reuß, Antonio Rosa de Pauli, Martina Schöggl, Hamida Sivac, Magdalena Stöger, Studienvertretung Kunstgeschichte, Malgorzata Suchadola, Diana Thun, Daniel Tischler, Elisabeth Vikydal, Klara Wanner, Vincent Weisl, Michael Wonnerth-Magnusson

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Ulrike Payerhofer aus Wien
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I think it is important for a great university like Uni Wien, with its long and distinguished history within this singular city to have a critical program in contemporary art and art theory. At Columbia University we have taken many steps in this area. I can think of no one better than Noit Banai, herself a brilliant and original Columbia graduate, to help establish and to develop such a program in Vienna with its unique traditions and its continuing role in larger transformations in art and art institutions at work in the world today. She has already inspired done much there towards this aim


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Warum Menschen unterschreiben

  • am 10.01.2019

    Bin Studentin der Kunstgeschichte

  • am 09.01.2019

    We have collaborated with the professor and find her ethics and work important.

  • am 05.01.2019

    I personally met professor Noit Banai and her students during their study trip to Zagreb. It was a great experience to see how students are learning about contemporary arts practice under her guidance. Therefore I support initiative to make her position at the University permanent.

  • Caroline MacMoran , Philadelphia

    am 28.12.2018

    Nuit Banai is an amazing teacher who offers her students an exceptional experience.

  • am 20.12.2018

    As a professor in Art History at Carleton University, Canada, I wish to support Nuit Banai's very important contribution to the discipline of Art History. Her scholarship is exemplary.

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