The reformed copyright act is threatening openPetition and the entire internet!

According to Article 13 online platforms will prospectively be responsible for checking copyrights themselves. Only with so-called automatic upload filters they are able to review the innumerable data contents that users upload.

Problem: computer programs cannot recognise irony, satire and quotations.
Consequence: anticipatory censorship or existential risk through unlimited liability.
The real question: should algorithms decide what we are allowed to see?
Our answer: protection of copyrights, yes, but not at the expense of freedom of expression.

Tomorrow, the 21st of March 2019, openPetition will be offline for 24 hours, clearly stating where #article13 can lead.

I support freedom of expression and go to the demo.


Waarom is de petitie ondersteuning waard?

The rights of the children in this decision should not be neglected. As deportation of these childerns would be against the Convention on the Rights of the Child 1990, and specially the Article 3 and 9 which states that in any particular decision involving any child, the rights of a child should not be neglected. Deportation to a country where they become minority thus making them vulnerable for open discrimination should be considered in the decision
Bron: Rights of the child
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Helfen Sie mit, Bürgerbeteiligung zu stärken. Wir wollen Ihren Anliegen Gehör verschaffen und dabei weiterhin unabhängig bleiben.

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