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Providing free alternative parking in the vicinity of Mater Dei for university students in November

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University of Malta
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On very short notice, the University of Malta sent an e-mail to its students, letting them know that the main gateway parking area will be closing off for 5 weeks starting from the first of November. As university students know, parking is already a big issue since there are only a couple of hundred spaces for 10,000+ students. Closing the main carpark for graduation may be a necessity in current pandemic circumstances, however a suitable alternative is needed. Students who have placements at Mater Dei Hospital will now have no access to any free parking in the area. Thus, this petition proposes that the new Campus Hub carpark be made free for university students for this duration.


This is a very important proposal considering that students have to attend university everyday, and having to pay to park on a daily basis is not sufficient.

Thank you for your support, Abigail Magro from Marsascala (MSK)
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