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Paid Menstrual Leave & Free Provision of Menstrual Products

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Sick leave for women suffering from incapacitating menstruation/periods needs to be adapted to normalise women's health and well-being. Free access to menstrual products could additionally help.


A woman's monthly cycle is a physical process that happens every month between the ages of twelve and fifty. It is the body's way of getting ready for pregnancy. Usually, during the luteal phase, where pregnancy does not occur, women might experience intense symptoms such as cramping, trouble sleeping, bloating, headaches, acne, breast tenderness, food cravings, severe pain, nausea, bleeding, etc.So, that is something that most modern European societies don't take seriously. Women may have a hard time doing daily tasks or working when they have their period. Thus, normalising the process in solidarity with women and giving it extra care by following the footsteps of the current government of Spain could prove a great step toward a universal European law.

Thank you for your support, Камен Гечев from София
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