# 5 Dialogue with politics


First, identify the people who will decide on the issue of your petition. Get in touch with these people. This often turns out to be useful.

It is also worth making contact with non-political decision-makers, such as actors from the economy or the cultural sector. Before deciding on the petition, you can communicate, exchange ideas and, if necessary, draw attention to the petition together in the media.


Contact the decision-making person by email and ask for a personal meeting to hand over the petition. Write in the email how many signatures you have already collected and what your demands are. Be sure to use the correct name for the MP.

If there is a handover, you should definitely prepare a press release . Let the journalists know about it - we will be happy to help.

If no appointment can be made, ask your supporters for help and contact the decision-making person via Twitter, email, or letter. If, for example, many supporters postpone or mark the MP in a tweet or Facebook post and ask for a personal handover, you can increase the pressure together. An individual hashtag used by everyone can also help to spread your request and ultimately reach the recipient.

Is there a handover date? Here are tips for the perfect handover .

Support from openPetition: We are at your side in all of these steps. It is important that you keep us up to date. If we notice that you are very committed, then we are also committed to you. For example, if we learn of a planned handover, we can advise you and, if necessary, draw your attention to it through our channels.

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