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Allocation of premises for ABC EduLibrary

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Cork City Council
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170 supporters
34% achieved 500 for collection target
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The Polish Cultur Center and Library ABC EduLibrary has been operating since 2015. Poles constitute the largest national minority in Ireland. We are asking Cork City Council to allow us premises to continue to create a Polish culture hub serving the entire local community.


We need more space to develop, create more events, cultural and educational workshops for a larger number of recipients, as well as to accommodate the constantly growing book collection. We operate thanks to the social work of several people.
Currently, due to lack of space - narrow passages between shelves - people with mobility difficulties have very limited opportunities to use our offer.
We do not have permanent funding for rent, energy, etc. We obtain funds from projects, membership fees, and workshops. We are currently renting rooms from a private person and we are not financially able to bear the higher costs of renting a larger premises.

Thank you for your support, ABC EduLibrary from Corkermore ED
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Pomaga wszystkim Polakom rozwijać swoje zainteresowania na obczyźnie,krzewi nasz język ojczysty jest miejscem spotkań dzieci i dorosłych i uczy szacunku do książki .

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Why people sign

As a Polish person living in Ireland for quite some time, I believe it is crucial to ensure that Polish people of all ages have access to books and movies from their homeland. This access not only helps maintain a connection to our cultural roots but also supports the preservation of our language and traditions.

I want Polonia in Ireland to have access to their books,magazines, audiobooks.Its very important for us Polish people that while living abroad we have access to our language and culture through the books
It's make it easier to live abroad and have piece of Poland here.

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