Danmark: Relaxing regulations regarding visa/permit extensions

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International Skilled Workers and professionals in Denmark, would like to ask the Danish government to carry out extraordinary measures due to the circumstances caused by the COVID19 pandemic, by relaxing regulations regarding visa/ permit extensions for those impacted by the lockdown (i.e. losing their jobs, closure of government offices, etc.). This approach not only will help internationals to get back to their normal lives but also gives Danish job market to get up to speed quickly after pandemic, by calling international workforce to stay and help rebuild Denmark.

We would like to ask Danish government to allow those on permits to apply for dispensation from residency requirements, such as income requirements (The Pay Limit Scheme, The Green Card Scheme), or continuous employment requirements (Permanent residence or Family Reunification) for up to 4 months in 2020, to minimize impact of lockdown on the international workforce in Denmark and Danish job market."

People on permits in Denmark often are highly educated, highly integrated, and have come to this country with a specific skillset that can help the Danish labor market. By giving us a chance to apply for dispensation in this difficult period, we can stay in Denmark, and help rebuild the country once the industry starts moving again. Furthermore, those of us that were on track to stay permanently in Denmark before the crisis do not deserve to have our progress taken from us due to a worldwide epidemic.

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