STOP Cigarettes buds being thrown in our street. Switzerland lives from tourism and its beauty of nature. Many smokers do not respect to carefully throw away their buds when finished smoking, but just throw them in the streets.

Look at our bus stops and train stations drowning in these cigarettes buds.

It costs all of the tax payers millions of Swiss francs every year to clean up our streets.

These costs should be paid by the smokers buying the cigarettes.

SOLUTION Every cigarette has a 50 cents depot charge (like with plastic bottles). The consumer can give back the buds to the cigarette manufacture and receive their depot money back. It should be the cigarette manufactures to dispose of and recycle responsibly their products.

From the extra income we can also employ more street cleaners and also rubbish collection points.


On average each Swiss person smokes 1634 cigarettes per year. (Source wikipedia

This means on average 13235400000 cigarettes are consumed every year in Switzerland alone. More than 50% of these cigarettes buds around 6617700000 are NOT thrown away correctly and land on our streets.

In total all these cigarette buds are more than 13000 tonnes of waste on our beautiful Swiss streets every year which need to be cleared up.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Princess Carina Organization aus Geneva
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