Region: St. Johann, 4056 Basel

Establish a pedestrian zone (speed 20) in Hebelstrasse

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All residents of Hebelstrasse 120-138
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The aim of this petition is to establish a pedestrian zone (Tempo 20) in Hebelstrasse between St. Johanns-Ring and Hebelplatz. (Hebelstrasse 120-138)

A pedestrian zone primarily means privilege for pedestrians and speed 20.

Good to know: All criteria for the conversion to an encounter zone are already given. More information: Furthermore, a small section of the street (adjacent to Hebelplatz) is already a pedestrian zone.


During implementation, attention should be paid to additional green spaces (e.g. Tiny Forest). Ideally, plants that provide shade and thus positively influences the microclimate.


Living space for all generations

Pedestrian zones in residential neighborhoods turn the street into a living space for everyone. They are places for children and adults to feel good, play and hang out. Pedestrian zones increase the quality of life in Basel's neighborhoods.

Furthermore, Hebelstrasse does not have any trees or green spaces currently and therefore does not invite people to hang out. Especially in summer, it can become blisteringly hot.

Thank you for your support, Christophe Schwyzer from Basel
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