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We demand Asylum for Julian Assange in Switzerland

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Extradition Hearing am Woolwich Crown Court, Belmarsh Road, London

at 29 Feb 2020 21:45

On the 26. und 27. 2. I joined the protesters in front of Belmarsh prison shouting and handing out flyers - and, of course, I collected signatures. Right now, about 80 have arrived on the english side. We need many more - so, please, keep sharing the link. You can download and upload signature sheets on the website. We need a sea of voices...In the brief discussions with Julian Assanges Team between the hearings, it became very clear that an epic fight between Good and Evil is taking place. It is not just about the fate of one man, it is about our civilization as a whole. The situation is incredibly serious, and right now it looks as though we were trying to fight an atomic Rocket with bow and arrow.

Most of us live in countries that appear to uphold the rule of law, still.What we need now, therefore, is a huge people's movement. We aren't just fighting for Julian Assange or the freedom of the press, it is about everything now we are fighting for our existence as human beings.

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