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    Kreative Basler Politik - Neuer Termin !

Dies Basler Fasnächtler waren in der Vorbereitung zur Fasnacht 2020 wie immer sehr KREATIV und hatten/haben einen riesen Aufwand betrieben! Nun kann es auch die Basler Politik sein und ein alternatives Datum finden - erfordert nur ein wenig "Kreativität" ;@)

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I am writing to request that the Basel Canton reschedule the 2020 Fasnacht for later this year. I have participated three times in the Gassle with friends. I perform on piccolo. Americans have attended Fasnacht and marched in the cortege, some for thirty years. The "Three Greatest Days" are an important component in peoples lives and culture for Baslers encompassing the music, artistry, families and cliques. They prepare year round and look forward to each performance. Friendships and family contacts continue through geWhen it is safe, if possible, please reschedule Fasnacht in Basel in 2020.

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