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Image of the petition Proposal for better coordination of Public Transport between Hasselt and Thor Park, Genk
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Proposal for better coordination of Public Transport between Hasselt and Thor Park, Genk

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203 supporters
41% achieved 500 for collection target
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We are writing to address a significant challenge faced by our students and staff concerning the daily commute between Hasselt and EnergyVille, Genk. The current public transport options are not only insufficient but have also become a considerable hindrance to our operational efficiency and environmental goals. The travel from Hasselt to EnergyVille, including a connection at Genk station, is notably unreliable, where even slight delays can result in missed buses, subsequently affecting punctuality at work and simply takes up too much time. Such frequent disruptions have understandably led to diminished productivity and escalating mental stress among our students and staff. Moreover, these travel difficulties extend to our collaborative efforts with various Flemish institutions and adversely affect our capability to host and manage significant events. The lack of adequate shelter at bus stops, particularly in adverse weather conditions, further discourages the use of public transport. The perception of Thor Park being remotely located further complicates our efforts to attract international talent. Additionally, the increased reliance on private vehicles contradicts our mission by contributing to higher pollution levels. 


Given these challenges, we propose that we initiate a better coordination and provision of current public transportation between Hasselt and Thor Park. Interestingly, a recent internal survey indicated a substantial portion of our students and staff are interested in a bus line between Hasselt and Thor Park, Genk. We believe that by addressing these transportation issues, we can significantly improve our productivity, employee satisfaction, environmental impact, and potential to attract top national and international talent and events.

Thank you for your support, EnergyVille from Genk
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Because I need to go to work to Energyville and the bus is frequently late. It takes 1 hour or 1 hour and a half. As an international researcher, this transportation time makes Belgium a less attractive place to carry out research

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