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Bosnian (male and female) – The foundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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1,327 supporters
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We demand the right of national declaration as A Bosnian (male and female)


In post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina, pre-prescribed ethnic categories (Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats) were granted all political rights. At the same time, these rights are denied to all other citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are also classified in the category of "others". [1], [2], [3]


Bosnians demand

*introduction of the official name in the census in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnian

*the right of every member of the Bosnian nation to elect and be elected for all functions, including the President of the   state

*Bosnia and Herzegovina one constituency

Therefore, we invite you to strengthen the foundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with your signature

Initiator of the initiative:

Bosnian Academic Society EU / European Union (BADEU)


˙[1]EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Sejdic and Finci v. Bosnia and Hercegovina: ;

[2] EuroNews, 29.08.2023: Bosnia and Herzegovina elections undemocratic, amplify ethnic divisions - Human Rights Court

[3] EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Zornic v. Bosnia and Hercegovina: )

Thank you for your support, Gesellschaft Bosnischer Akademiker in Europa, Wien 

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Why people sign

This petition is important because it advocates for basic human right guaranteed to every citizen of every other democracy in Europe and in the United States, but which denied to many people who identify solely as Bosnians (Bosanac / Bosanka) and to religious / ethnic minorities (Jews, Romani) in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the Dayton Peace Agreement. I am a BOSANKA by my birth right, and NO ONE has right to deprive me of my right to identify that way and to run for a political office in my own country. Yet, a faulty interpretation of the Dayton Peace Agreement which was subsequently built into laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina have done just that in the political practice that has persisted for almost 30 years. As a result, if I want to seek a political appointment or run for a political function, the current practice would require me to identify as one of the three main religion-defined ethnicities, which I do not accept and do not want to do. Currently, my being a BOSANKA is not enough, even though I am a Bosanka by birth right, and even though this has always been my national identity my entire life - including the time when Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of six federal units of Yugoslavia, i.e. BEFORE the 1992 aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina and BEFORE the Dayton Peace Agreement. Other Bosnian nationals who either do not want to align themselves to one of three religion-defined "ethnicities", or who belong to a religious or national minority (e.g. Jews, or Romani) have the same problem of being deprived of their right to be elected for political appointments or run for a political function in Bosnia and Herzegovina even though they and their ancestors have been citizens / nationals of BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA for centuries before the 1992 aggression on our country. THIS IS AN ANNOMALY AND A BLATANT VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRATIC PRACTICES AND IT HAS TO STOP.

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