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Bosnian (male and female) – The foundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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1,637 supporters
16% achieved 10,000 for collection target
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03/04/2024, 15:03

English translation was now updated in accordance with current version in Bosnian

New title: BosniansBosnian (male and female) – The citizensfoundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

New petition description:

We demanddemand the the introduction of the official name for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina: “Bosnian” as a constitutional categoryright of national identitydeclaration inas BosniaA Bosnian (male and Herzegovina.female)

I am a Bosnian too.

Neue Begründung:

In the post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina, pre-definedpre-prescribed ethnic categories (Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats) were granted all political rights. At the same time, these rights are denied to all other citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,whichHerzegovina, who are also classified asin "Others".the category of "others". [1], [2], [3]


Bosnians are looking for:demand

·      equal rights for all citizens*introduction of the official name in the census in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Herzegovina: Bosnian

·      the right to choose the national name (Bosanka/Bosanac) “Bosnian”.·      the*the right of every citizenmember of the Bosnian nation to run forelect and be elected presidentfor all functions, including the President of the state. the   state

·      Bosnia*Bosnia and Herzegovina,Herzegovina one constituency.constituency

That is whyTherefore, we invite you to contribute tostrengthen the improvement of Bosnian society with your signature.What we get from your positive response:·      Support for the realization of necessary civil rights within the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina.·      The process of restoring the mutual trust of citizens and restoring the policy of optimism and good neighborliness will be opened.·      Bosnians outsidefoundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina would participate more actively in the process of preserving the unity of all people originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This would potentially increase economic investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would eventually lead to a reduction or even stop the outflow of population from Bosnia and Herzegovina.·      The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as to Bosnian women or men, would finally be getting a sense of dignity and belonging to their homeland.·      Opening the way for the preservation of peace and respect among all countries in the region and beyond.·      With enough number ofwith your votes, we will have support that will enable us to take further steps to realize those set of goals. One of them is the introductionsignature

Initiator of the institution of the President instead of the Presidency of the State.Let's say YES to unity, civil equality and the beauty of good neighborhood that has always been present in Bosnia and Herzegovina.THANK YOU!Initiator:initiative:

Bosnian Academic Society EU / European Union (BADEU)


˙[1]EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Sejdic and Finci v. Bosnia and Hercegovina: ;

[2] EuroNews, 29.08.2023: Bosnia and Herzegovina elections undemocratic, amplify ethnic divisions - Human Rights Court

[3] EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Zornic v. Bosnia and Hercegovina: )

Thank you for your support, Gesellschaft Bosnischer Akademiker in Europa, Wien 

New deadline: 10.09.2024
Signatures at the time of the change: 1,283

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