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Supporting the Free University of Aleppo, Syria in their struggle for independent education

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As students, we:

  • ask every student and members of the educational system in Austria and around the world to stand with us and support the struggle of the Free University of Aleppo.

  • we support the students of the Free University of Aleppo, because we understand and stand for education that helps to build and guarantee a better future. We believe in the capability of universities as institutions in creating a strong base for democratic society

  • with this petition we would like to highlight the violations against higher education institutions in Syria. Our stand includes a message to the students and staff of Aleppo Free University that we support them in their position and their refusal to belong to any political body that has terrorist or dictatorial agenda despite the circumstances of war in which they live.

  • we will seek to take this message to wider humanitarian dimensions, by sending signatures and our position on what is happening to the United Nations.

  • We call for humanitarian support and political pressure to stop the bombing, kidnapping and threats against teaching staff and students of Aleppo Free University.

  • Believing in the importance of higher education to create a peaceful and democratic future in societies. It is based on discussions, scientific research in all fields, which in turn exposes the language and practices of violence.


What follows is a letter collectively written by the members, students and alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Master in Critical Studies.

We the students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna support the students and the teaching staff of the Free University of Aleppo, in their struggle for an independent education program, and in their rejection of the decision by the "Government of Salvation", i.e their refusal to belong to any political body that promotes terrorism or dictatorship, in this case, the al Assad Regime and the "Government of Salvation" which is dominated by and is an ally of the "HayatTahriral-Sham" which counts as a terrorist group.

Marwa Abou Hatab Pavelka Ernst Samira Fux Soliman Lawrence Samuel Bich Simone Bader Michael Reindel Mariella Lehner Maira Enesi Caixeta Mathias Kropfitsch Bassano Bonelli Bassano Megan Auður Lia Sudermann Francesco Conti Katharina Grabner Susanna Lundberg Charlotta Öberg Anne Kathrin Müller Jacqueline Grassmann Inga Thiele Leonie Huber Lia Castillo Espinosa Nana Dahlin Maria Glue Nour Shantout Isabel Mendoza

Thank you for your support, Marwa Abou Hatab from Veinna
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