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We call for the planned "S 34" project to be suspended immediately and all preparatory measures to be discontinued. The expressway is to be removed from the Federal Roads Act with a resolution by the National Council.

Instead, the funds are to be invested in a sensible, climate- and people-friendly expansion of bus, train and bike connections and an improved connection to public transport.


Our natural and living space is precious and unique. The S 34 represents a massive encroachment on these spaces. Only by stopping construction can the environment there be preserved and the current population - as well as future generations - be protected from the health risks and devastating climatological consequences of this expressway project. The implementation of the S 34 project must therefore be prevented.

The original planning around the S 34 already dates back decades. It has become a symbol of outdated and obsolete transport policy, which shows no consideration for the environment and nature. It represents a brutal encroachment on largely undeveloped natural and cultural space, which has negative consequences not only for the agricultural use of the region, but also for local biodiversity. The ecological consequences of sealing are dramatic and unjustifiable from the perspective of the current global climate crisis. The heat regulation of the soil and also the water infiltration will be permanently disturbed and thus, among other things, the soil fertility will be massively impaired. In short: The environmental balance of the planned expressway is devastating.

In terms of traffic, the S 34 will lead to a massive increase in the volume of traffic in the affected regions. In a completely outmoded strategy in favor of motorized individual transport, the S 34 will lead to a clear increase in pollutant emissions in the region in the future, which in turn will cause damage to the health of generations of local people. We cannot accept this serious damage to people and nature.

Politicians are still focusing on cities and residential areas that are car-friendly instead of people-friendly, on an excessive waste of space and resources, on cutting up entire landscapes, on omnipresent traffic noise, on toxic exhaust fumes, on intensifying the climate crisis, and on soil sealing. All this adds up to an ever advancing overexploitation of our most important foundations of life.

Against the backdrop of these developments, the S 34 is not only an environmental fiasco, but will also cause additional costs that will far exceed the 208 million euros originally estimated. Millions that could be invested in a future-oriented manner for a modern traffic concept with a sensible extension of bus, rail and bicycle paths, and a fundamentally improved connection to public transport.

A political decision of will at the federal and state level could still stop this project. The people in the region are directly affected by the S 34 and are therefore a stakeholder that cannot and must not simply be ignored in the planning process. This petition against the S 34 is therefore an important building block in order to still be able to stop this project.

(*) This petition is specifically addressed to:

  • the Federal Government, in particular the Federal Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Leonore Gewessler, BA,
  • the Austrian Parliament, in particular the spokespersons for climate protection, environment and transport of the parties represented in Parliament, i.e. Johannes Schmuckenschlager (ÖVP), Andreas Ottenschläger (ÖVP), Julia Herr (SPÖ), Alois Stöger, diplômé (SPÖ), Walter Rauch (FPÖ), Christian Hafenecker, MA (FPÖ), Lukas Hammer (GRÜNE), Astrid Rössler (GRÜNE), Hermann Weratschnig, MBA MSc (GRÜNE), Michael Bernhard (NEOS) and Dr. Johannes Margreiter (NEOS),
  • the Province of Lower Austria, in particular to Governor Mag.a Johanna Mikl-Leitner and the Provincial Councillor for Finance and Mobility, DI Ludwig Schleritzko,
  • the Parliament of Lower Austria, in particular the spokespersons for climate protection, environment and transport of the parties represented in the Parliament, i.e. Josef Edlinger (ÖPV), Jürgen Maier (ÖVP), Kerstin Suchan-Mayr (SPÖ), Gerhard Razborcan (SPÖ), Ina Aigner (FPÖ), Dieter Dorner (FPÖ), Helga Krismer (GRÜNE), Edith Kollermann (NEOS).

Thank you for your support, Thomas Zauner from Wiener Neustadt
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  • 7 days ago

    I believe that this construction aligns with old-fashioned ideas about city planning. Destroying natural habitats for the sake of a (shown to be useless) road should not be accepted in 2021.

  • Nicholas Barton Oberkirchbach

    7 days ago

    Building more roads, especially through protected nature reserves is completely unjustified. We should be removing roads, not building more.

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