As academics who research and teach across various disciplines at universities throughout Europe and beyond, we are deeply concerned that in the previous weeks many Turkish academics, teachers and civil servants have been subjected to investigation and grave intimidation by state authorities. A number of Turkish academics have also been dismissed from their posts at Turkish universities. Amongst them, apparently, are academics who had signed a peace petition in January 2016 which called on the Turkish government to reopen peace negotiations with the PKK and to end state violence against the Kurdish population.

We cherish and defend the principles of academic freedom and freedom of expression, and we believe there can be no progress in science and scholarship without respect for human rights. It is unacceptable that the Turkish government has taken punitive measures against Turkish colleagues of high international standing simply because they exercised their right to voice their concerns about the state’s use of violence for political ends.


Article 26 of the Turkish constitution grants all Turkish citizens the right to express and disseminate their thoughts and opinions, whether by speech, in writing or through the media, alone or collectively. Article 27 further grants everyone the right to study and teach freely, to explain, and disseminate knowledge of science and the arts, and to carry out research in these fields. The actions taken against our Turkish colleagues violate their fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms.

We ask you to do your utmost to stop any punitive or intimidating actions from being taken against the signatories of the Peace Petition of January 2016, and to ensure that the academics who have been dismissed from their positions be immediately reinstated. We call on the Turkish President, on the Turkish government, and on all government authorities to respect and protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of each and every Turkish resident and citizen.

Initiative Scholars for Academic Freedom

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  • Liebe Unterstützende,
    der Petent oder die Petentin hat innerhalb der letzten 12 Monate nach Ende der Unterschriftensammlung keine Neuigkeiten erstellt und den Status nicht geändert. openPetition geht davon aus, dass die Petition nicht eingereicht oder übergeben wurde.

    Wir bedanken uns herzlich für Ihr Engagement und die Unterstützung,
    Ihr openPetition-Team

  • Thank you for supporting our petition against the punitive measures taken against Turkish scholars!

    The subscription period for our petition ends in 8 days! WE NEED YOUR HELP to get as many as signatures as possible in support of our call on the Turkish government to stop these measures.
    PLEASE encourage your colleagues, friends, and family to sign the petition:

    Unfortunately, the situation in Turkey remains highly precarious. On 19 October, the Turkish government has extended the state of emergency for another 90 days. This allows the Turkish authorities to continue its practice of detaining real and perceived critics and to curb the freedom of speech and information by closing down independent news channels. In particular scholars, journalists, students and artists are being persecuted or intimidated.

    Thank you for your ongoing support!

    Initiative Scholars for Academic Freedom
    (Graz / Trondheim / Vienna)


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