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Safe way to school (VIS) for our kids

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We are deeply concerned about the safety of our children. Traveling to and from Vienna International School (VIS), as well as accessing the school has become difficult and, in fact, dangerous to pedestrians, child and adult alike. The lack of pedestrian crossings and footpaths between the U-Bahn station and the school has made it increasingly dangerous for our children. We ask you to sign a petition demanding new safety measures be put in place before during and after the construction.

It is vital that everyone understand what is coming. The Forum Donaustadt, will be built on the 500-space carpark car park in front of the VIS. It will cover 15,000m2 and include a 145m office block called the 'Forum Turm’, a 100m high apartment block called the 'Forum Home', a hotel, a shopping centre, and numerous restaurants. Signa Holding, the company undertaking the work, just received the necessary building permits and will begin work in January 2019 continuing until at least the end of 2020.

Meanwhile, the plan to pace the entrance of a 500-car capacity park facility right at the corner of Strasse der Menschenrechte is no less than outrageous. The construction of the Forum Donaustadt will slow vehicular traffic to a halt in the mornings and late afternoons, creating unnecessary hazards for cars and pedestrians on Siebeckstrasse and Prandaugasse and lengthen the daily commutes of each and every one of us. City planning authorities are ignoring the needs of our community and, indeed, most recently failed to consult the school about new tram lines being constructed.

We are frustrated and angered by the current and prospective state of affairs and impelled to show the Viennese authorities that we will not accept such blatant disregard for our children’s safety and our community’s well-being as a fait accompli.


A few weeks ago, a group of VIS parents formed a traffic committee to try to resolve the worsening traffic situation. Traffic committee members will also be collecting the signatures inside or in front of the school in the mornings or afternoons. In the coming weeks we will push for meetings with the MA46, the local police, and Signa Holding and share updates through the VIS newsletter. By acting together as a unified community, ready to take further action, we will have an impact. If you would like to help, please sign this petition. It is on us to try to protect our kids! Thank you for your interest, concern, and cooperation. “Our Children, Their Safety, Your Choice.”

Thank you for your support, Nichola Cannavan from Vienna
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