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Furlough Salary criteria for Travel industry


As the government of United Kingdom is aware, due to Covid19 situation globally almost every sector is affected but the most effected industry is Travel and Tourism.

Many people are made redundant or forced to work on either half salaries and this condition doesn't seem to be changing for next year or so as everyone is scared to travel overseas due to quarantine procedures or country borders being locked down.

We all are worried as UK government is stopping furlough from October and then more jobs will be at risk. Many families will get affected due to this as many families have single person earning and their living is all dependent on these jobs.

Things might get better in another 6 months and then more travelling may start both leisure and business which will bring travel industry back on track.

We request the government to please reconsider their decision to increase furlough period for at least 6 more months especially for travel industry staff and help and support everyone who are in travel industry jobs to minimise the chances or job losses and redundancies.

Thank you for your support, Atin Khanna from Morden
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