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Image of the petition Resurface the Moss Road!!

Resurface the Moss Road!!

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I would like somebody in power to do something about the Moss Road which is covered in dangerous potholes.


On the Moss Road, Millisle, there is a particular pothole, outside Millview Vending that has caused 8 cars in the last 3 days to burst their tyres. It is is marked out in pale white spray paint, barely visible until it’s too late. I myself hit this pothole and burst my tyre, my alloy was completely bent, my steering rack and alignment, along with many other parts of the car, have to be checked. this one pothole, as well as others, have the potential to cause serious accidents with the position they are in on the road. this is ridiculous and something needs to be done!

Thank you for your support, sophie brown from Bt22 2dy
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