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Protecting Our Homes, Restoring Our Rights: Cyprus Property Occupation Must Stop

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Over the past eighteen months, both myself and other British and foreign national property owners that I am in touch with and communcate with regularly, have all confessed that we as a group of overseas investors into Cyprus real estate, have all been forcefully ousted from our properties by the presence of refugees. We own properties in the attached newspaper clip ( Several of properties that have been affected have been completely vandalised, we have video evidence from a number of owners who visited their residential developments last year. Local newspaper reports have disclosed constant riots, outbreak of fires etc. ( Despite owning legitimate properties, we have had our properties broken into, and those residential developments now a home to hundreds of refugees. Some refugees have confessed to us, our property managers and the police that the property developer put them there. The illegal break-ins and theft of our belongings happened during the Covid 19 pandemic when we could not travel due to high infection rates and deaths. This activity is still continuing.There are presently refugees living in our properties without our consent. The affected residential developments have transformed into very dangerous ghettos, declared unfit for human habitation and dangerous.


My personal concern is how this could be allowed to happen in a European Union country. Our cries for help in Cyprus is all in vain, not enough is being done for us. All victims are looking to Cyprus Government to:

1. Establish a task force dedicated to addressing the property-related crimes affecting us and provide support to affected property owners.

2. Facilitate the creation of a comprehensive legal framework that safeguards the property rights of overseas investors and imposes stringent penalties on those who engage in criminal activities.

3. Ensure that property owners are provided with compensation, and restitution for their homes and losses as a result of these criminal acts.

Thank you for your support, Solicitors Regulation Authority UK from 9ge Hemel Hempstead
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    "Local new reports have disclosed constant riots, outbreak. of fires, murders etc."

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I bought my apt in 2005 via Alpha Bank and Alpha Panareti, who were helping each other to sell the properties. I was sold the apt with a Swiss Francs mortgage which saw the payments increase dramatically with the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, the apt has been in negative equity and I have constantly had to get help with payments. Having a tenant helped - but between us the payments were still less than they needed to be. Alpha Bank has been considerate over the years by periodically revising my mortgage. I now learn that Panareti has conned my tenant into a new contract and is collecting rent from him - rent that was formerly paid directly to the bank to help with the mortgage. I was even more shocked and disappointed to learn today that Neophotou Panaretou has been breaking into apts on the complex since 2021 and that Alpha Bank has been aware of this since at least 2022. This petition is important to me because I want people to be made aware of this behaviour and of the corrupt ministry involved.

I am an honest hard working investor in Cyprus property market and in spite of years of paying my bills and mortgage my property has been rendered derelict and uninhabitable due to the mains water being cutoff and the government housing refugees who have destroyed my property

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