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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: Make more available housing lets available to those on benefits Make more available housing lets available to those on benefits
  • Von: Gillian Lindsay Hollingworth mehr
  • An: United Kingdom
  • Region: Devon mehr
    Kategorie: Wohnen mehr
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Make more available housing lets available to those on benefits


There are supposedly numerous landlords that decline people on benefits, this is not necessarily down to the landlords themselves but down to their insurance companies, either declining or charging very high premiums for tenants on benefits, thus making the landlords usually decline such applicants - you can be eligible for housing benefits but this is a wasted benefit if you can not find a home.

The insurance companies should NOT have this influence. Most people are on benefits by no fault of their own. Some areas are better than others but if you are a single male, eligible for housing benefits there are virtually NO chance of finding a place of you own., especially in Devon.

I think that the Insurance companies should not be discriminating against those in need, and the local Councils should not have to feel the angst and frustration of those who qualify but can not find a room, let alone a place with there own front door!

Should it not be down to the landlord to decide who they want in their property and NOT the insurance Companies who are only interested in financial gain!


Just a change of circumstance could put you in this situation, you've been given housing benefits but absolutely no properties available to rent, something needs to change.

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PL20 7NQ Yelverton, 14.03.2017 (aktiv bis 12.05.2017)

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