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Make a difference! Shout out loud for "Equality" 2017 is not only a new year, we also chose a new Government. It's time to put our chosen candidates to the test?
Equality should be a Right, Not a Privilege We need to stand together and force our Government to listen and make change

Over the last 6 weeks our now elected Government has promised us all so much. Will they step up to the mark? Let's find out...


2017 is a new year for our little Country (N.Ireland) - Although many of us come from different walks in life! We share different cultures, beliefs, religion and even different ambitions, hobbies, interests yes let's not forget different fashion, tastes, music & the list is never ending. We all seem happy to respect that we like different things yet the one thing we all share the same is a heart, love, passion and a desire to be happy.#fact and still this is the only thing that has a red line across it. Equality should be a Right not a Privilege - SAY YES TO EQUAL MARRIAGE

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