Immediate reopening of Fulham Bilingual school

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Implement pragmatic and immediate saftey measure and authorise the immediate reopening of the Fulham Bilingual school


The school was closed yesterday following the fall of a small pane of glass in the playground.
We understand that the school may remain closed until a full inspection of the windows has taken place, with no indication of the delay to do so. Certain teachers suggested that this may last a number of days.
This is unacceptable as kids are prevented from continuing education and sociabilisation and parents are unable to honor work commitments. There are a number of straigtforward and pragmatic safety measures that can be implemented to ensure a safe immediate reopening of the school and we urge you to implement these with no delay. We remind you that there should very limited if no risk at all inside the classrooms!
As an example, it seems to us that any of the below measures should allow to solve the issue until a proper inspection is perfomed:
- Windows can be taped with brown scotch
- A safety permiter can be created along the walls of the school in the playground to prevent kids going into possible fall areas
- Kids can go to South Park (in formt of the school) for play time
We hope to see you implement these today.
The parents form the school

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