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Bring down the speed limit on roads with housing to ensure safety

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Cllr Janet Jackson MBE
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I am a student at The Kings School in Macclesfield in Year 8. I think the council should lower the speed limit on Byrons Lane, Macclesfield, to avoid any collisions or accidents.

As a young person who lives on Byrons Lane I think the council should act on this matter, as I feel unsafe when crossing the road, which is 30 mph, however many cars go over. It's dangerous seeing as young children and families have to risk their lives just to cross the road. Lowering the speed limit from 30 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour could improve the safety of these people. I have spoken to many of my neighbors and we all agree this would be a much safer option than the condition now. I have also looked into other options and if bringing down the speed limit is too extreme you could consider a ' Your Speed Sign'.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concern.


Young people and adults shouldn't have to feel scared or threatened every time they cross the road they live on. My concern isn't just for my family and neighbours, it's for any people living on a road where drivers the speed limit risking pedestrians, cyclists or other motorists.

Thank you for your support, Ariarna Gordon from Macclesfield
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  • on 18 Mar 2020

    I am a parent myself. Drivers drive too quickly in urban areas.

  • on 18 Mar 2020

    Because my friend lives there and she finds it difficult to take her dog on a walk when cars speed down the road

  • on 16 Mar 2020

    R&P Homework ????

  • on 15 Mar 2020

    To keep people safe so nothing bad happens to pedestrians and other people using the roads or close to them.

  • on 15 Mar 2020

    My mother was hit by a moped whilst crossing the roads in Cheshire. Despite 30 miles being restricted it is still too fast when hit at this speed.

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