A good ending for Marisa Coulter

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Marisa Coulter shouldn’t be killed off in season 3 as she was in the trilogy of Philip Pullman and have a good ending with Lyra.


We love this character very much and many people who have read the book trilogy, were very surprised that Marisa Coulter died in the process. So they were very upset. We have waited a long time since the movie came out and it wasn’t continued. So we would be very happy to see our two favourite characters have a good ending together. Marisa cares about Lyra and we want her to be happy with her daughter. We love his dark materials so much.

Thank you for your support, Alana Hancock from Conwy
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  • on 26 Nov 2020

    Porque Mrs Coulter, depois de toda de sua jornada de redenção, merece um final menos triste.

  • Margot Denis Lendelede

    on 25 Nov 2020

    Because I think Marisa and Lyra should have a good ending together as mother and daughter. Otherwise she will have no one. I'm really invested in her character development. She could be a really good mother if she changed. Also Ruth Wilson is an awesome and brilliant actress and portrays mrs coulter well

  • Not public München

    on 25 Nov 2020

    I love this series very much and I want to see a happy ending with Marisa and Lyra.

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