This is how HomeParliaments work

With the HomeParliament we want to enable civil society engagement where opinions are formed: at home, when eating together with the family, when talking to friends and acquaintances in the café, at the regulars’ table or in the park.

HomeParliaments bring political debates and decision-making to your home in order to make politics more understandable.

HomeParliaments are private roundtables that debate a current political issue and then vote on it.

It works like this:

You invite friends and acquaintances to debate the issue of the HomeParliament. You will meet either in person or via video conference.

In addition to your HomeParliament, many other people meet, each in groups of about 4 to 8 people, to debate the same question.

Each group has a host who invites friends and acquaintances to the HomeParliament and then explains the procedure to the participants.

In your HomeParliaments, you deal with the respective topic using a guide and additional information texts. This should give you incentives for discussion and a contextual framework.

You document the results of your debate and upload them so that all results can be evaluated, summarized and forwarded to responsible people in politics.

These politically responsible persons undertake to evaluate the result of the HomeParliament and to issue a public statement.

This allows you to directly influence important political decisions with your debate. At the same time, the dialogue between citizens and politicians should be strengthened and a better understanding of the other should be created.

HomeParliaments can take place for all political decisions at all levels.

And politicians have a great interest in the HomeParliament:

The results are used to depict the mood of the population on which political action is based.

The more people take part, the more representative the results will be and therefore the more valuable for politics.

Do you have your own topic that should be discussed in a HomeParliament? Become the questioner of your own HomeParliament round! The questions of a HomeParliament round must meet our quality criteria . If you meet all criteria, we look forward to your draft to our editors .

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