Katarina Barley & Co. want to talk to you in moderated Zoom-Calls about the results of the European

30.08.2021 12:49

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Top ranking politicians from Brussels and Berlin

--- in conversation with the participants of the European HomeParliaments ---

Dear participant of a European HomeParliament,
69% of participants of the European HomeParliaments believe, that the EU should advocate European interests more strongly in future pandemic crises. This is the result of around 140 two-hour discussions in small private groups that took place in 25 EU member states.
… now it’s time for politicians to answer

Over the coming two month, we will be discussing the results of the European HomeParliaments with leading EU politicians from Brussels in moderated Zoom-Calls. Take this chance and talk about your ideas for the future of health politics in the European Union with our EU representatives in Brussels or simply listen to the conversation.
Kick-off will be this Tuesday, August 31st at 18:00, with a special highlight: we will be talking to Katarina Barley (DE), Vice President of the European Parliament, and Łukasz Kohut (PL) from the European Social Democrats (S & D). There will be a special focus on the German-Polish perspective on the pandemic. The conversation will be held in English.

In these conversations, the politicians will first have their say on the HomeParliaments’ results. The topics discussed will be the security of supply of essential and medical products, solidarity in pandemic crises and the conditions for resuming ordinary life with personal encounters. Afterwards, we will give all participants the chance to exchange ideas with our dialogue partners.
Register here for our moderated Zoom-Call:

Further Zoom-Calls:
- September 7th, 18:30: with Martin Schirdewan and Helmut Scholz from The Left.
- September 8th, 18:30: with Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield and Franziska Brantner from The Greens.
- September 23rd, 18:30: with Othmar Karas and Peter Liese from the EPP.

The conversation with the Renew Group will probably be released as an interview. We will soon issue a call on this to collect questions for Nicola Beer and another person from the parliamentary group.
Sign up here:

Here are some excerpts from the results of the 2021 European HomeParliaments:
● The majority of participants wants the EU to return parts of the production of pharmaceuticals and medical products to the EU. The core argument here is the increased security of supply during times of crisis.
● A small majority also wanted vaccines and pharmaceuticals to remain accessible internationally during shortages so that EU citizens and people from outside of the EU would both be able to profit from them. “Vaccine nationalism” would contradict the fundamental values of the EU.
● And finally, the majority of participants supported free travel within the EU, as long as people were vaccinated, tested or have recovered – with the help of the EU COVID pass.
You will find all results here:
If you have any specific questions ahead of time that you would like to ask the politicians, then you can send us a message at We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Zoom-Calls.

Best European wishes
Your Pulse of Europe – HomeParliaments team!

Evaluation of the HomeParliaments and Webinars with Brussels

29.07.2021 16:46

Dear Friend of Europe,

What consequences should the EU draw from the pandemic? Until July 11, EU citizens from various regions discussed this question. Now, we will analyse the results, evaluate propositions, and summarise them in a concise final report.
Kudos and compliments to everyone who used their chance in this round to participate in an exciting debate and thus did their part in improving the communication between the EU population and our representatives in Brussels! Together, you worked out propositions on how the EU should act in the current and in potential future pandemics. Congratulations!

We will publish the results in mid-August. Then you will be able to see whether people from other countries think the same way as you do, or if they have different ideas and wishes when it comes to the three questions.
In the meantime, we need your support to improve the European HomeParliaments for the future. Participating should be even easier and more fun than it is already. This way, we want to engage more people from further European countries. We would therefore be very grateful if you could answer a few questions, whether you participated or not:

Save the date: Furthermore, we’re happy to announce the first dates for our results webinars with renowned EU politicians! We’re excited to see their replies to the questions and the results and are looking forward to a lively discussion with the participants of the European HomeParliaments. Save the dates, so that you can get talking to the EU’s decision-makers.

- August 26: Renew Europe, with Nicola Beer and another person, who we will announce soon.-
- August 31: S & D, with Katarina Barley and Łukasz Kohut
- September 7: The Left, with Martin Schirdewan and Helmut Scholz
- September 8: The Greens, with Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield and Franziska Brantner
- Date to be determined: EPP, with Othmar Karas and Peter Liese

We will send you further information as soon as the registration process is open!

Until then, we hope you have a warm, dry and healthy summer.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? We’re looking forward to your e-mail at

Best European wishes

your Pulse of Europe – HomeParliaments Team

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