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openPetition supports petitioners in preparing their petition, collecting signatures and submitting the petition to the appropriate recipient. In addition, openPetition demands the opinion of parliamentarians independently of the formal petition process. Whether it concerns the preservation of the youth club, the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, changes in legislation or the construction of wind turbines: Every day users start petitions on our platform and push forward changes: locally, regionally, nationwide and bit by bit also in Europe. More than 6 million people use openPetition and become part of digital democracy.

The openPetition team

Jörg Mitzlaff
Jörg Mitzlaff studied computer sciences in Berlin and worked as a software developer and IT manager with companies including Infoseek, eBay and idealo. He became acitvely engaged with More Democracy before starting up the openPetition platform in 2010. He is a partner and managing director of the non-profit company openPetition,
Jessica Seip
Jessica Seip - Social media, campaigning and public relations are her hobbyhorses. The graduate cultural scientist lived in Spain for half a year and was active in the radio landscape for several years prior to openPetition.
Rita Schuhmacher
Rita shoemaker - is a media researcher and political editor. Among other things, she is involved in gender equality policy and at openPetition she is the interface between politics, platform and users.
Jasmin Daum
Jasmin Daum - is an editor at openPetition and supports the platform and the start of petitions to contribute to social and political processes. She also has a personal interest in the human rights situation in Latin America, where she has lived for almost two years.
Conner Defosse
Conner Defosse - has been a federal volunteer service provider since September 2019 and thus the newest member of the openPetition team. He is particularly interested in the spread of political participation through all social strata and generations, the question of how citizens can be more heard and how participative processes can be made simpler and more appealing.
Jonas Hantelmann
Jonas Hantelmann - is software developer at openPetition. He previously trained as an IT specialist for application development and taught ICT at a school in Ghana.
Mirko Brunner
Mirko Brunner - worked for over 14 years as a software developer in various agencies and implemented software solutions and smartphone apps. Now he helps to program democracy, with privacy and security matters to him.
Steven von Roden
Steven von Roden - After studying Business Information Systems in Dresden, the software developer moved to Berlin. Here he prefers to work with open source software and is impressed by the (musical) diversity of the city.
Thanh Dung Nguyen
Thanh Dung Nguyen - is a web developer at openPetition. After her Cognitive Science studies in Osnabrück she worked as an IT Consultant and traveled abroad. In addition to privacy and democracy, social justice is a big topic for her.
Daniel Axford
Daniel Axford - The native Englishman came to open Petition because of his interest in social movements. As a trainee, he is currently expanding his programming skills.
Ralf Engelmann - is an honorary system administrator for openPetition. He is particularly committed to data protection and data economy. He works full-time at an Internet price comparison portal.

Many thanks to our former Colleagues from openPetition.

The openPetition mission and how we want to achieve our goals

Make politics simpler - We advise and support petitioners so that each openPetition achieves maximum effect, i.e. reaches the relevant parliament and is processed there.

making policies more visible - We make sure that politicians know what moves citizens in their constituencies. For this purpose we have developed the Wahlkreisradar.

making policies more comprehensible - If a petition reaches the openPetition-quorum, we ask the respective parliament, i.e. all elected representatives of the region, for a statement.

Strengthen the right to petition - We are politically committed to a more effective petitions system. To this end, we talk to politicians and administration in the petitions committees in Germany at federal, state and European level.

Bringing petitions to parliaments across Europe - We want to open up the possibilities of the right of petition online in other European countries and help citizens to address their concerns to their political representatives through online participation.

Modernising parliamentary democracy - We want a modern online right of initiative and demand the right to be consulted and consulted on new, urgent citizens' concerns in parliaments and specialist committees.

To achieve these goals, openPetition engages in various Networks, alliances and initiatives ,

Values & principles

Neutrality and democratic values - openPetition is politically neutral: We do not intend to influence political opinion or support political parties unilaterally. All petition requests as well as recommendations for partner NGOs do not reflect our point of view, but show a colourful mixture of opinions - no matter where you come from or what you believe in. Because we want to promote constructive political debate, we pay attention to respecting our Terms of Use: Racism, misanthropy and discrimination have no place with us. We invite everyone to interfere under fair conditions. We see diversity of opinion as an enrichment for common, democratic discourses.

Privacy - Digital democracy can only work if personal data is safe from uncontrolled government access and selfish economic interests. If algorithms influence political opinion-forming, then they must be made transparent and easy to understand for everyone. Citizens must retain control of their data and the algorithms for processing the data at all times. The right to oblivion must be taken into account as early as the collection of data. As a non-governmental organisation for citizens' concerns, we want to support the idea of a digital democracy and protect your political footprint on our platform. Please read our Privacy Policy.

We are non-profit.

openPetition was started as a voluntary project by software developper Jörg Mitzlaff in 2010. In 2012 he together with Campact e.V. founded the not- for-profit organisation openPetition gGmbH. It is recognized as a charitable organisation beause we are fostering education, democratic practice and civil society. It is listed in the register of companies of Local Court Berlin-Charlottenburg unter number HRB 144054 B. Our tax-exempt status is confirmed by finance office Finanzamt Berlin für Körperschaften I, most recent confimation dates from 12th of March 2015.

We are independent

  • openPetition is politically neutral. The topics on the platform cover the entire democratic political spectrum. openPetition does not adopt the demands and statements of the petitions - this also applies to petition recommendations.
  • In terms of acceptable content on our platform we are committed to our terms of use only. Our terms of use are based on democratic rights and values and are permanently being developed further in dialog with our users.
  • Our independence form our associates is stipulated in the Articles of Association.
  • More than 10,000 committed citizens already support the work of openPetition with a donation or a regular contribution.
  • Financial independence is important to us. Therefore, state funds or party donations are out of the question for us. So far we are financially supported by the Campact. e.V. campaign network and in return send out a partner mailing four times a year. Other NGOs and associations can also advertise their petition requests with us in individual cases and against payment. However, we are striving for 100% financing through small donations from our users.

ongoing collections

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