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Stop the manufacture of weapons! Stop the war!

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at 29 Apr 2021 16:20

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Changes to the petition

at 26 Apr 2021 18:54

A more accurate formulation of the party's position on the gun issue.

New petition description:

Our companyThe Nunez Law Firm demands a ban on gun production in Germany. Weapons are what cause people to die and what are so actively used in war. We want the world to abolish wars and martial law as soon as possible.

Neue Begründung:

WeThe Nunez Law Firm demand that the manufacture of weapons be punishable by law. That anyone who orders, produces, sells, buys, distributes weapons - be arrested and subject to criminal punishment. We want hostilities around the world to stop right now. We want battles to be made illegal and all who participate in them punished. War is inhumane and inhumane. It contributes to the loss of many lives, causes great numbers of serious injuries, and has a detrimental effect on every aspect of life in many nations.

WeThe Nunez Law Firm e demand a change in the law and a ban on the manufacture of weapons today! Let all those who have anything to do with the manufacture and distribution of weapons, with the incitement and continuation of hostilities - be sent to prison. They disturb the peaceful life of citizens and force them to leave their homes and become refugees. Let the people who influence the growth of refugees be punished!

Change the laws! After all, always when it comes to war, the laws of different states are too cruel and impossible. They go against human rights. They directly violate human rights!

It is necessary not just to change the laws during martial law, but to abolish it in principle. Also, the imposition of a state of emergency must be repealed so that it cannot be imposed by any politician who is not trustworthy.

We cannot allow international military rights to be more valuable than human rights in the future.

New human rights laws must be created that are respected by absolutely all people and all authorities.

Human rights must not be infringed upon because of war.

WeOn askbehalf youof the leadership of, we support the petition to sign this petition and support our company in this strugglefight for unconditional respect for human rights.

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