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Road safety remains an ongoing issue among the inhabitants and visitors of Voluntari.

Erou Iancu Nicolae is a busy road, surrounded by family homes, with numerous schools, daycare centres, businesses, and shopping facilities, where many reckless drivers endanger other road users with their behaviour.

Crossing the road is a risk.

Pedestrian crossings are ignored and approached at high speed, which makes crossing for families and individuals a dangerous and stressful event. Many cars pass the traffic lights in front of the British School of Bucharest on RED.

In addition, the lack of a cycle lane makes it difficult for families and individuals to bike under these circumstances, while there is a growing need.

Also the lack of parking options creates additional hazards as drivers are often left no choice but to mount the pavement, or stop in the midst of the road with traffic blazing behind and alongside.

We call upon the local authorities of Voluntari to:

  • introduce traffic-calming measures to make the neighbourhood safer
  • establish a programme of improvements to make the area appropriate for pedestrians and cyclists
  • to establish better parking options for cars

We need to be able to set foot outside safely in our neighbourhood!


A growing community goes hand in hand with a growing need for professional safety measures and facilities.

Thank you for your support, Sheila Ebeciljodi from Voluntari
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