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Justice for Immigration Sufferers: Reforming the System

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The purpose of this petition is as follows:
Grant rights to Immigrants and fix the AIMA, establishing a government commission to monitor significant delays.

Increase the speed of AIMA's processes, as people have been waiting for years.

Expedite the process for those waiting for their fingerprints to be processed, whether it has been a year or six months, and issue cards to them as soon as possible.

Crack down on lawyers and agents who exploit people by charging exorbitant fees, taking advantage of their vulnerability!

Implement separate procedures, timeframes, and tax regulations for legal and illegal immigration cases. This will benefit the government and ensure individuals receive their cards without unnecessary suffering or court battles, avoiding lawyer's scams.

Treat families and individuals differently in immigration matters. Cases involving valid emergencies or health issues should be prioritized for faster resolution.

Hire young or professional individuals to expedite the resolution of issues and prevent people from suffering unnecessarily.

Upgrade or implement an online system so that individuals can handle processes themselves without needing the help of lawyers or agents.


Because I myself am a victim of this system, lawyers take thousands of Euros by intimidating, and agents take separate fees! They say it will be resolved through the court, but it's all lies. I have a prolonged illness, came here on legal entry, have an emergency in my home country, but I don't understand which door to knock on to get my issues resolved. I've fulfilled all legal requirements, yet I'm still suffering. When you go to lawyers, they take money in the name of court but no results come out! So, I urge the government to solve our issues, as families are also suffering!

Thank you for your support, Immigration Sufferer from Lisboa
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