Adjustment of Motorcycle License Age restrictions

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The motorcycle license age restrictions were implemented to be a safety feature for younger riders to gain experience on lower cc/hp motorcycles before purchasing larger and more powerful motorcycles.
The Maltese motorcycle cc/hp restriction groups are listed below:
A1-18 years old (11kw/15hp)
A2-20 years old (35kw/47hp)
A- 2 years with A2 experience or 23 years old. (Any size/power motorcycle)
The A1 license can be obtained by two different methods:
1- Having a car license and doing a 10 hour course with no exams required
2- Sitting for the A1 theory exam, attending lessons and also having to pass a practical exam (same as the A2 and A license exam)
In my opinion this is ridiculous how those of us who attended the 2nd method listed above with plenty of hours of experience and having passed two exams same as the A2 and A exams is still restricted to a 15hp/11kw motorcycle.
This is my opinion on how the motorcycle licensing laws should be adjusted:
A1- 10 hour license whilst having already obtained the car license.
A2- 18 years of age still containing both exams (practical and theory)
A - 2 Years of A2 experience or 21 years of age.
These licensing laws are still necessary as the A motorcycles are not to be taken lightly. They just need to be adjusted to a more reasonable standard.
In my opinion this is still being quite generous as in the USA there are no age restricting licensing laws and the A license can be obtained at the age of 16.

Kindly sign the petition if you agree with what I have written above.
This petition is to also state that Malta did not used to have these license age restrictions and to also mention that there is no sense in providing someone with a car license and 10 hours of experience the same license (A1) as those of us who had to attend lessons and sit both theory and practical exams.
Those of us who can pass the exam are capable of riding those powered motorcycles so restricting us by age does not make logical sense.
If someone is incapable of riding the motorcycle then they will not pass the exam.

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