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Do not modify wolf status protection

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A few days ago, the disastrous news arrived that the EU is considering a downgrading of the protection of the wolf, and in this regard, as an Italian and European citizen, I hereby express total dissent and ask that Canis Lupus remains a strictly protected species.
Lately, intolerance towards this animal has returned to the fore, all with the complicity of politicians, ministers, MEPs (on their social media pages, the comments of many users clearly instigate poaching, and this is unacceptable as it inevitably pushes some people to take the law into their own hands with illegal methods), and with the complicity of journalistic articles, a pro-terrorist media campaign worthy of Goebbels was set in motion, with cases linked to poaching increasing exponentially from year to year: wolves hanged, poisoned, killed with firearms even in protected areas, and tortured with the use of traps and snares, in Italy, the controls are minimal and the penalties, those rarely applied, are negligible.
All this because it happens that the wolf preys on some farm animals but the predations themselves are lower than in past years, and it is also worth underlining that the predatory acts occurred in mountain pastures/farms without prevention/protection systems.
There are many scientific studies that are demonstrating not only the uselessness but also the harmfulness of culling, indeed in some cases they amplify them since the destructuring of a family unit occurs, and in the case of killing of adults, young people, left in disarray and deprived of their parents' teachings, they will look for the easiest prey: animals that are not properly cared for.
In many cases, breeders have declared predation by wolves, when in reality investigations have amply demonstrated that they were feral, stray or shepherd dogs.
There is talk of overpopulation of wolves, but nature has always regulated itself based on carrying capacity, studies show that the number of wolves will never be redundant since approximately half of the cubs die of natural causes, in a family unit only two individuals procreate, and once a year, each family unit occupies from 50 to 250 square kilometres, furthermore, the phenomenon of dispersal occurs and if an individual tried to invade an area already occupied by other wolves, they would kill him.
The wolf is a shy and elusive wild animal and generally does not represent a danger to public safety in any way, in fact, in Europe, no attacks on human beings have been recorded for about two hundred years.
For all the reasons mentioned above, as a citizen who enjoys duties but also essential rights, I ask that the protection of a wild animal, apex predator and key species, whose role is fundamental not only for the ecosystem, not be called into question


It is essential to understand Canis Lupus is the apex predator par excellence, a key species capable of regulating ecosystems. Denying its extraordinary importance and the fundamental role it plays is extremely unscientific.
The wolf is persecuted incessantly and this is thanks to the pro-terrorist propaganda carried out by politicians who talk about a delicate topic with superficiality and a total lack of preparation. Always demonized by stakeholders.
Downgrading wolf protection means returning to the Middle Ages, and this, in a reality that defines itself as civil and avant-garde, cannot and must not be admitted.
What is really needed is healthy and constructive communication, aimed at instructing and not fomenting hatred and fear, the community needs culture, politicians must step aside and let science speak.

Thank you for your support, Daniela Stabile from Emr
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