Improve School Cafeteria Food Quality

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21 supporters
42% achieved 50 for collection target
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As concerned parents, we have come together to address shared apprehensions about the quality of food served in the school cafeteria.

Recently, there have been reports from students, supported by their parents, highlighting concerns such as raw chicken, raw noodles, uncooked pasta, burnt pizza, and cold fries. These issues are not merely a matter of taste preference but are indicative of objective concerns related to food quality.

We are advocating for a thorough review of the cafeteria's food quality and a commitment to providing meals that meet the standards expected in an educational institution.

We look forward to a positive and constructive dialogue between parents and the school administration.


Our intention is to collaborate with the school to ensure that the cafeteria provides nutritious and satisfying meals for our children. We believe that a joint effort between parents and the school administration can lead to positive changes in the overall dining experience.

Thank you for your support, Mariëtte Kuilman from Coín
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My daughter loves food. Especially vegetables and healthy options. She is never over weight maybe sometimes needs to put weight on so I worry sometimes when she doesn't eat lunch as it's a long day. It seems the soups are always never eaten. My daughter loves lentils and chickpeas etc but not in cloudy soups. The lettuce is always covered in sauce and if there are vegetables they are a tiny amount and so soggy she can't eat them. It's surely not hard to offer. Peas, carrots, broccoli, fresh tomato cucumber? I find it strange my daughter won't eat the veg or soups or salads at school when she loves all vegetables (accept mushroom and aubergine)

on 31 Jan 2024

I would like for my children to eat the school lunches rather than picking around items that are inadequately or over cooked. I would also like to be confident that their health won’t be at risk because of undercooked meats. Or….I would like for them to be allowed to bring food from home.

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