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Switzerland: Support the International Criminal Court in Investigating the Middle East Conflict

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2,213 supporters
44% achieved 5,000 for collection target
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10/17/2023, 18:30

Es gibt neu auch eine Englische und Französische Version der Petition.

Neuer Petitionstext:

This petition was initiated by HSG students and is supported by Amnesty activists.

We advocate for an end to the killing of innocent civilians on all sides. We call on our government and politicians to support the International Criminal Court (ICC) in its investigation, which started in 2021, into the court case “Situation in the State of Palestine”. Recent events will be part of this investigation (Source: Amnesty International).

We call for the following actions:

  • Diplomatic efforts in this case: Swiss politicians must call on the parties involved to grant access to evidence and witnesses.
  • Advocate for the recognition of the jurisdiction of the ICC about the court case called “Situation in the State of Palestine”.
  • Raise awareness of this case through information, public statements.statements and discussions.

We see no other way to prevent further bloodshed and killing of civilians in Israel and Palestine. We demand an end to vigilante justice and the enforcement of international law.

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