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Tips & Guidance

The title is the first thing others will see of you petition. It should state clearly, what your concern is and invite to read on. Without a striking title your concern may go unnoticed.

The recipient is the person in charge of your petition and can decide upon your issue.

Explain your issue. Why does your issue have to be change now? And how can others help you with that? Make your claim specific.

Think about yourself: Why did you had the need to start the petition? What motivates others to support your petition? Have a focus on the chances: What can positively change if you request will be successful?

The perfect picture sums up your petition at the first sight. A picture can underline your issue, attract attention and motivate people to sign the petition. Petitions with pictures are more spreaded by people than without a picture.
Make sure you have the rights of use necessary for using the picture.

Everyone starts small: In order that your petitions becomes successful, we like to help you. Feel free to contact us:

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