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Right to access our homes from the front door, not the Back yard

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Pendle Borough Council and Lancashire County Council
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We demand to build a new street, as there is no street to this whole block of houses, we have only the back street.

In front of the houses is a small pathway and gardens at the front doors of people - separated by a pathway. Here is enough space to built a new street.

As an individual I requested the Pendle Borough Council and even the Lancashire County Council to build this street.

Even ambulance staff can't access through our front doors, patients have to get to the ambulance from back doors and back street.

God forbid, if there is fire to the front of the houses in this block , there is no way that fire engines or fire fighting staff can get to the front of the houses in this entire block.

This block is very poorly designed - on the one side we have a big street facing the back of the houses and on the other side only a small path way in front. This pathway is hardly used, as almost all residents use the back yard door and back street. Even the postman drops off the letters in our back yard.

We have long front gardens and unused land between our houses and the motorway M65. This land and small part of front gardens can be used to build a new street or road, providing access to Carr RD for many streets in the vicinity and a pathway or footpath for the people in the area to reach surgery, Victoria Park, walk to town center, Morison store, school and Nelson & Colne College.

This new street would bring great improvements: besides providing a life line to residents of woodside terrace, access for emergency services for the residents of this block, it will also serve local area people for passing through by car or foot.

It's amazing that the council has not analysed and solved this issue in their town. I hope this petition can help all families living in this block.


This solution will serve a large community

It's a basic human right for people living here to have proper access to their homes.

The new road could potentially save lives and prevent damage to properties by having access for emergency services

With an extra street traffic and congested parking at Howard street can be reduced.

People in the area will have have a higher living standard with better access to Victoria Park and to the canal pathway for taking walks.

Thank you for your support, Munawwar Hussain from TB
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Why people sign

  • 9 days ago

    Increasing traffic causing more polution

  • on 01 Aug 2020

    Overcrowded area with poor infrastructure for access

  • Tj

    on 31 Jul 2020

    It will help people in area

  • on 30 Jul 2020

    Right to access the house from Front door

  • on 30 Jul 2020

    Good for the area and people Beside it looks bad that emergencies services can't get to people

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