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Petition Against Eviction Notice for Brentford Muslim Centre

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911 supporters
91% achieved 1,000 for collection target
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**Subject: Petition Against Eviction Notice for Brentford Muslim Centre**

We, the undersigned members and supporters of Brentford Muslim Centre, are writing to formally petition against the eviction notice by the landlord.

Brentford Islamic Centre has been a cornerstone for Muslim residents of Brentford, serving not only as a place of worship but also as a centre for education, charity, and social support.


**Reasons for opposition to the eviction:**

1. **Community Centre:**
  Brentford Muslim Centre is more than a religious site; it is a community hub that provides essential services, including educational programmes, a youth centre, and support for the needy. Its eviction would disrupt these critical services, negatively impacting the lives of many individuals who rely on them.

2. **Cultural Heritage:**
  The mosque (masjid) holds significant cultural and historical importance for the Muslim community. It represents the heritage and traditions of the Muslim residents of Brentford, fostering unity and understanding amongst the diverse cultures of Brentford.

3. **Legal Concerns:**
  We believe the eviction notice is unjust and potentially unlawful due to the short notice period. The eviction would displace Muslim residents of Brentford, many of whom have no alternative place of worship nearby. This displacement would cause significant hardship for community members, particularly during important religious observances.

We respectfully urge the local authority and the landlord to reconsider the eviction notice and allow Brentford Masjid to continue its vital role within the community.

We are prepared to engage in a dialogue to address any concerns and find a mutually agreeable solution to facilitate the Masjid in the regeneration project by the London Borough of Hounslow to consider and allocate a place for the Masjid for Muslim residents of Brentford.

The loss of the Masjid in Brentford would be a profound detriment to the social, cultural, and spiritual fabric of Muslim residents and would also undermine the diversity policy of the Council.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a positive resolution. Please find attached signatures from the resident community members.

Thank you for your support, Brentford Muslim Centre from Village of Sharon Springs
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My local masjid is like a community to me and everyone

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Why people sign

A space for prayer, learning and contemplation can only benefit the local community. We need a mosque in Brentford, as the number of local Muslims is large and them having to travel to attend other mosques is not ideal.

As a muslim, masjid is a core of our believe, masjid is not only for prayers, masjid is the backbone of the community,where marriage is celebrated, where all problems of the community,are discussed and fixed, also is the bastion for the new converts is where they take the shahadaa and mix with their brothers and sisters and learn about Islam.

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