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The european vaccination certificate which is about to be introduced must be prevented.


The effectiveness and protective time span of the Corona vaccines is not yet assured. Additionally, there are issues with ethic aspects and privacy. Now, even the WHO states that it rejects this idea.

Highest ethical value have the rights to the integrity of the person and to equality between people, vaccinated or not, which are part of the EU Charter. These are at risk due to the vaccination being an option to get back single fundamental rights at least for an unknown period of time. Free decision about vaccination is being manipulated like this and kind of discrimination is being established.

As the vaccination certificate shall be digital, there is in general a possibility of theft of personal medical data. Additionally, not only service providers like travel agencies get your vaccination status but also indirectly e.g. employers, in case employees are not allowed to travel abroad by plane


Thank you for your support, Simon Mössner from Heilbronn
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  • I will inform you about the reaction of the committee on petitions once I get an answer.

  • The letter arrived in Brussels today.

  • Dear supporters,

    today, I informed the EU petition committee, the head of the Directorate for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the chairs of committees on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, health, equality, justicy, values and transparency, the President of the European Parliament and the chairs of all political groups of the parliament about our petition and asked for a date to hand over the petition with the signature list which contains far more than 200,000 names!
    Thanks a lot for all your support!
    Until it is finally submitted, the petition is still active, so let's give it a last push, especially in the countries, where there are not so many supporters yet. So the end might... further

Hello, I am an Certified Romanian microbiologist by Education Minister After I Graduated College in TSR/RO. All this COVID Scenario is also very known by myself (once every 100yeare/cromozomial diversification&Selective Chose by Gates&Melinda...I am against vaccinators which enforce "things" with Gouvernment Laws!

Hi again :) Not humans shall chose who lives and who dies on this Plannet... This ia why we have the Right to chose how we live/when we see the Sun/Moon/ And Shinny Stars on The Sky, And Not Gates/ Merkel/And Farmaceutical Industries like Pfizer/AstraZenneca etc

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