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This is an European Citizens' Initiative.


Given the worrying impact of plastic waste on the marine environment, we call on the Commission to develop even more ambitious rules on this waste, in order to avoid it getting into the sea.


The European Union has yet to specifically address plastic waste, although it poses numerous environmental challenges. That is why we are calling for ambitious rules to be established in this area. The idea is to promote the use of biodegradable plastics as part of a circular economy and, following the waste hierarchy, to prevent the production of plastic waste at source and encourage recycling in order to eliminate dumping at sea. Exhaustive rules at the start of the process will protect the marine environment at a later stage.

Thank you for your support, Clio Bouillard from EU

We need to save our planet and environment with everything we have got so it does not hurt to gradually reduce the amount of plastic, that you use in order for humanitz to have a few more zears on this planet.


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