On individual protection equipment for healthcare professional s on their fight against Covid 19 

Sindicato De Técnicos De Enfermería Sae
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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner urge the EP to inquire about the situation of lack of regulatory sanitary material, the delay in delivery, the failure to verify the individual protection equipment supplied. He urges the Ministry of Health and the various regional health services, in their respective areas and powers, to give an answer to the health personnel about the precarious organization of the crisis. He thinks that the facts described above represent a radical violation of basic labour rights; The Ministry of Health has recognized the relationship between the personnel infected and the lack of material. One of the causes of this "high contagion" could be because the personnel was "unduly protected".

Thank you for your support, Sindicato De Técnicos De Enfermería Sae

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