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On behalf of the Agaete Sin MacroMuelle association, on the enlargement of the Port of Las Nieves (Agaete) in Gran Canaria 

Salvar Agaete Sin MacroMuelle
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The petitioner is complaining about the lack of transparency and information available on the port expansion works in Agaete and the absence of the required up-to-date environmental impact assessment. According to the petitioner, no appropriate compensatory measures have been proposed nor has the impact on the marine ecosystem, which will change radically following the port expansion works, been assessed. The project is 85% funded with ERDF funds. The petitioner is asking for the funding of the project be reviewed for failure to comply with EU directives, and for the project be suspended.

Благодаря ви за подкрепата, Salvar Agaete Sin MacroMuelle


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