On behalf of GreenSando, on a request to put an end to excessive land use in southern Milan 

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The petitioner states that, according to the database on the uses to which farmland and forested land are put, the built-up area of San Donato Milanese increased from 93 to 688 ha. between 1954 and 2015, while the area of agricultural land fell from 1 147 to 475 ha. He denounces the revisions of the Land Use Plans, which he says are incorrectly described as entailing ‘zero consumption of land’, because in reality they include major urban expansion measures. In particular, the petitioner claims that four green areas are at risk in San Donato Milanese, where agreements have been concluded to allow building, which would result in the destruction of hectares of healthy soil. The petitioner therefore considers these initiatives to be contrary to the Communication from the Commission on the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, which sets the objective of reducing land use in the EU to zero by 2050. Finally, the petitioner calls for the intervention of the European Parliament to prevent the planned works from being carried out and to ensure lasting protection of the remaining land.

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