Legalization of PLEVs / EKFs in public road traffic

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The "Small Electric Vehicle Regulation" came into force in Germany on June 15, 2019. This regulation primarily regulates the use of electric scooters on public roads in the Federal Republic of Germany.

There are no uniform regulations across Europe for small electric vehicles (EKF) / public light electric vehicles (PLEV). With the EKFV, Germany is going its own way without coordination with other European countries. The regulation of EKF / PLEV is therefore inconsistent in Europe. Some countries equate the new vehicles with bicycles, others do not allow them or national solo efforts are pushed forward.

At the same time, there is the fact that electric scooters (e-scooters) are just one of many different vehicle concepts for EKF / PLEV. In addition to e-scooters, there are also handlebarless and self-balancing vehicles. These vehicles are currently largely ignored and their drivers are usually criminals because they move a vehicle without insurance protection and street legal.

With this petition, this fact should receive more attention and a uniform regulation for all EKF / PLEV should be found.


Everyone is talking about electromobility and intermodal transport. However, electric mobility mainly extends towards the car. For the future, the car will no longer be the focus of traffic. The focus is increasingly on intermodality. The mix of different forms of transportation is becoming increasingly important and this is where EKF / PLEV show their strength.

Small electric vehicles are a perfect link in intermodal transport. These vehicles are small and handy, with a relatively long range, low weight and space requirements.

Gracias por su ayuda, Michael Herzog De. Erlensee
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  • el 03/03/20

    I am using my 3rd electric unicycle since 2016 and it is still illegal to ride it anywhere in the UK except on private property. This is a ridiculous situation as electric bikes have been legal for years!! I want to use my PEV for local journeys, shopping and visiting friends. I have to do this in a 2ltr deisel car!!

  • el 03/03/20

    I use this form of transport to get to work. It beats traffic and I enjoy using these devices in the social community we have built around these devices.

  • Kelly Cristina Rodrigues Vieira -324 - Caldas da Rainha

    el 29/02/20

    Sim.. Trabalho em Dublin e uso uma scooter lá..

  • el 29/02/20

    Free and green personal city transportation should not be illegal

  • el 27/02/20

    EUC is a easy to use. Bring with you on bus or train for longer stretches.

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