Save Biel International Chess Festival!

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Unfortunately, the city of Biel/Bienne plans to completely withdraw its financial support of the Biel Chess Festival, which is about a third of the budget.

The decision is not final yet. We, the signatories of this petition, kindly ask to return to the decision and to revise it, to make sure the uninterrupted 55-year tradition of the Biel Festival as a fixture on the global chess agenda can go on.

Biel Chess Festival with its great tradition each year brings several hundred people from dozens of countries to Biel. At the same time, it carries the name of the city out into the world, among chess aficionados Biel is a well-known fixture.

For local businesses and tourism, Biel Chess Festival brings valuable customers to the city, at a time of year when due to holidays not that much is going on.

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